Thursday, November 19, 2009

If only I could be a T&CO

If I could be a bee, I would be miss taco!

I've been checking my email every day, anxiously awaiting that one special email. So many things need to line up for my dream to come true! I'm guessing whoever is assigned to my blog (Mrs. Penguin?) has to like me, like my writing. And then the committee needs to like me. And if in the smallest chances I get accepted, I'm hoping the taco icon is still available!

Why taco? The first weekend that kyzen8 visited me after we became official, we were chilling on my green futon. He noticed I was wearing a necklace with a solid heart and reached out to look at it. When he flipped it around, he was like "Taco?" I was all confused what he meant, until I noticed it spelled T&CO (Tiffany & Co)! I would have taken a picture of the back of the necklace, but I have since lost it at a massage parlor in Shanghai which was so so sad (we even got the police involved because it had such high sentimental value for me). Here's the front of the necklace:

Also, one of my favorite foods in the world is the Taco Bell chalupa! I saw this cute taco pouch at a crafts store the other day:

Oh please let me bee! What would you want to bee?

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