Thursday, March 18, 2010

Flowers for the dresses

I'm back now after a 4-month hiatus. :) I doubt anybody still follows my blog but it's all good. Sadly, Miss Taco has a new identity but I'm sure she has a great story to tell and I wish her all the best!

I'm happy to report that the bridesmaids' dresses as well as my dress are here! I've decided not to post my actual wedding dress since I want it to be a surprise for my fiance and any guests that may stumble onto my blog. The bridesmaid's dress is the real deal, though I've kept her anonymous. I've been thinking about flowers to go with the dresses. I'm actually quite fond of magenta/fuschia, but somehow, those colors seemed to clash with the bridesmaids dress colors. I guess I should have thought about that earlier when picking out our wedding colors! In any case, I emailed my bridesmaids about a dozen or so pictures (all like the following but with different color combinations and my actual dress), and all of them really like the following flowers:

So there you have it! We're going to have all white flowers for the bridesmaids, and a white/blush peony bouquet for myself. One of my bridesmaids thought the all white looked too 'plain', so I think we might spice it up by have a few different types of white flowers for variety and texture. But for me, I looove peonies (something I did not know before wedding planning started!) so mine will be all peony. There's something about the closed and half open ones that is just so soft, fluffy, and romantic. My mom, who was initially against white flowers because they symbolize death in Chinese culture, is now on board as well. I think she realized after seeing my combinations with other more colorful flowers that they just didn't go as well with my choice of color for bridesmaids dresses. And plus, it's not ALL white. Mine has pink in it, and the bridesmaids--well--their dresses are plenty colorful enough!

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