Sunday, November 1, 2009

silverbuggy & kyzen: Part 6

For our first date that night we bought lobsters and rib-eye steaks and cooked up a meal fit for a king.

My good friend checked in on us and instead of a proper greeting, she said to him "oh. you're normal." After dinner we went to the movies in a cab whose driver obviously noticed us (keep reading to find out). I saved the ticket stubs to "The Recruit". The following night, we had a double-date to a piano concert at the Symphony Hall.

Afterwards -- and I'll never forget this -- as we were crossing the street to catch the T, I lagged behind a step, just enough that kyzen8 was concerned and reached back to grab my hand, gently. That was our first contact! My black knit mittens separated our skins, but it was still ever so sweet. I remember touching the mittens and lingering on that moment to etch it into memory...

After having brunch with some friends on Sunday, we headed back to my apartment because kyzen8 had agreed to help me finish some geeky website homework. Instead, he sat on my green futon, used his socked feet to swivel my chair around to face him, and lightly touched my own socked feet with his. Contact #2! We chatted a bit and then he came over to kneel down next to my chair. He held my hand in his semi-wet (which I didn't mind) hand and asked, "Ignoring what your friends and family think, if I asked you to be my girlfriend, what would you say?" I think I said "yes" but to this day we wonder if our relationship is valid given that it was only a hypothetical question. Valid or not, March 16 became our anniversary!

Here's the said futon and half of the swivel chair (pictured on Friday night):

We announced the news to my roommate and called a cab for his airport trip. I was filled with giddiness and walking on air as I accompanied him out. I felt very embarrassed not knowing if we were supposed to hold hands or whatnot since he was my very first boyfriend (he ended up just putting his arm around my shoulders). After he left, I consulted 2 friends and freaked out about whether he would try to kiss me on his next trip. We then had a sorority meeting in the common room, but I hardly paid any attention. All my thoughts were on him.

Later, kyzen8 told me that the cab driver who took him to the airport was the same guy who took us to the movies Friday night! The driver told him that he and his girlfriend were really cute together. I thought that was a nice touch since we weren't even a unit yet on that first night!

It being a long distance relationship and our previous awkward encounter, I was worried about the phone conversations. But for whatever reason, our phone conversations weren't awkward anymore! Whew. He visited 3 weeks after that where we shared a TON of firsts, and those back-and-forth long distance visits continued for 6 more years between Atlanta and Boston, San Francisco and New York, Shanghai and Los Angeles, and San Francisco and Los Angeles.

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