Friday, November 6, 2009

In search of perfection

Before I got engaged, I told friends that I didn't want an engagement ring. I was not a ring wearer and hated the thought of having to wear a ring every day for the rest of my life. It was enough that I have to wear retainers every night! But as you know, when the search for the perfect ring started, that obsession went on and on for months.

Then when I got engaged, I told my friends how much I dreaded wedding planning and how I just wanted to elope. As I had already mentioned in a previous post, I thought weddings were all the same and boring. Why waste money to throw an event that no one will even treasure or remember? Then, as I delved into the details, I fell in love. I've always been a planner. And so it was fitting that I would love to plan my own wedding. I still think it's true that people may not care nor remember the details of our wedding. But I definitely will and that's what matters most.

But what did I really dread? The dress. In fact, I put it off for a good 7 months. As each month slipped by, I repeated to my friends, I am so not looking forward to dress shopping. #1: I am too fat right now. #2: Why would anybody spend so much money on a dress they're only going to wear once? Well, now that I'm near the end of the dress quest, I must say I was wrong once again. I loved dress shopping. I was driven by the need to find THE dress. It may not be the prettiest nor the most expensive, but it has to be the one and only. And the moment I laid eyes on it on the front page of a wedding store website, I fell in love. I emailed the owner asking which dress that was, but she was smart and asked me to come in for an appointment instead. Since the store was too far away, I ended up browsing through all 8 websites of the brands listed on her website, before I found out the maker and style. Later on, I even went so far as to personally contact 20 or so real-life brides who bought the same dress. Luckily, I loved it in person too.

But alas, I am one of those picky people that even after finding the perfect dress, still needs to try on a hundred other dresses just to be sure. So to this day, I still have 2 more stores to visit before making the final plunge. The same thing happened with the ring, the venue, and just about everything wedding-related. It's ironic that I am actually marrying my FIRST boyfriend!

Is there anyone else out there who's in love with obsession?

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