Friday, November 6, 2009

Playing dressup for my bridesmaids

Though I definitely have some bridezilla tendencies, I like to think I'm a considerate bride. And hence instead of dragging my bridesmaids all over town with me, I decided to go try on some dresses myself first to narrow down the choices.

And the result? Voila! (please pardon my ugly shoes)

I even went so far as to edit the pics next to my future wedding dress. I won't show the actual wedding dress here because I don't want kyzen8 (or guests) to see it, but imagine one of these pics for each of the dresses above (the actual wedding dress I pick will probably have a sweetheart neckline instead):

Furthermore, I wanted to see what the bridesmaid dress would look like in THE color. Here's a picture of the correct color (lavender) and material (satin) from the same maker (Sophia Tolli):

And so now I have a pretty good idea what the day-of pictures would look like if I pick dress B in that color. :)

In fact, I sent the pictures to my bridesmaids and B was among their top 2 choices. Actually, I have to say, I had my "OMG THIS IS IT" moment with dress B. It was definitely my favorite of the bunch. The corsette lace back (which matches top contender wedding dress) made me look so skinny. I remember telling the sales lady "This is like THE dress, except for the bridesmaid instead of the bride!" Heck, I'm a little jealous of my bridesmaids.

So in all likelihood, B (Sophia Tolli BY2991T) might end up being it. The only thing I wish it had was a real sweetheart neckline (because my future wedding dress will have it unless I change my mind). I entertained the idea of adding a sweetheart to all the dresses, but due to varying boob sizes and logistics of BMs living all over, I've decided to keep the original if we go with it. Only thing that needs alteration is the length which will probably be knee-length or right below the knee.

I'm going to take my bridesmaids to a couple shops before making a final decision. Hopefully they will all look good in B or whatever dress we decide on.

By the way, my mom is so cute. When I sent her the pictures, she forwarded them to my dad and wrote: "look at your daughter, she is so cute!" I'm glad my mom likes the dresses.

Did you have a "this is it" moment with your bridesmaid dresses?

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