Saturday, November 7, 2009

Ugly hot dog shoe

MOH and I went dress shopping today and bumped into my beloved Amanda shoe.

My heart sunk when I saw this super-sized flat hot dog looking excuse for a shoe. And as if it couldn't hurt any more, MOH drove a deep knife through my already broken heart. Sigh. She *hated* the shoe. And I did too, but I tried to spin it in a positive light. Maybe it will look better in your size instead of this sample size 10. Maybe it will look better once dyed. Well, maybe it just ain't the right shoe! I didn't notice this before, but if you compare with the taller version of the shoe, you'll see that this flat version has a much wider open area for the toes. It's so deep in fact that her toes only went halfway through.

Just imagine this:

Disappointed and heartbroken, I went back to the drawing board. Let's call ugly Amanda and the prettier twin (ironically named Pretty) shoe set #1. Below are my other frontrunners. Personally, I am leaning towards shoe set #2 because it comes in silver which is a good color for the lavender BM dresses, and I don't have to go through the hassle of getting them dyed in a color which may not end up looking good. With set #3, I feel the heel heights are slightly too large and the differential between the 2 pairs is not enough. With set #4, the peep and peek a boo holes vary slightly from shoe to shoe so they may not match up exactly. But it might be nice to have each girl wear a different shoe from the same family.

Shoe Set #2

This shoe would be in silver and would not be dyable.

1/2 inch heel height named Palace:

2 1/4 inches heel height named Flamingo:

Shoe Set #3

This shoe would be dyed to match the bridesmaids dress colors.

1 inch heel height named Andie:

2 1/2 inches heel height named Tori:

Shoe Set #4

These shoes all have "peep toe" or "peek a boo toe"--I think they mean the same thing. They would also be dyed to match the bridesmaids dress colors.

1/2 inch heel height named Kara:

3/4 inch heel height named Dance:

2 inches heel height named Carmen:

2 5/8 inches heel height named Olivia:

Will any of these shoes pass the scrutiny of my MOH, bridesmaids, and our in-person tests? Do any of them pass *your* test?

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