Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Color palette

Growing up, I've always loved bright, screaming pinks like magenta and fuschia. Pink is such a versatile wedding color because flowers come in many different shades of it. But after wearing my 2nd pink bridesmaid dress in a wedding, I was thinking maybe I would do something different for my own wedding. And after my 4th pink bridesmaid dress, I decided no pink for sure! Although, pink would be a convenient color if I wanted to have my 4 bridesmaids each wear one of my existing dresses.

So what color was next? Purple. Specifically, lavender. It's always been up there as one of my favorite colors next to magenta and fuschia. I've always loved the look of lavender fields. Aren't these pretty?

Green looks pretty nice with the lavender. But I've never really liked green clothes nor flowers. So green was out. I do love silver though. So I knew for sure silver and lavender would be part of my wedding colors. I also added white to balance out some of the purples.

Still, in the back of my mind was my friend's warning that lavender and silver would look too prom-ish. Was lavender overwhelming my wedding? Especially with lavender linens and lighting and flowers, I did at one point feel like the room would be over-saturated with purples. So then I decided to have alternating purple and blue uplights to vary the mood. Brown was also a color I couldn't avoid because the barebone reception room is basically a brown palette with brown furniture, brown staircase, brown chiavari chairs, and dark patterned carpet. I was intially worried that brown wouldn't go well with purple, but now I'm thinking they might look okay. As for linens, the guest tables will all have silver table linens with lavender napkins. Only the sweetheart table will have lavender table linens with silver napkins. That way there would be more silver than lavender, and the lights would also reflect better. And my latest thought is to add some blue to all the flowers. Actually, part of me is thinking yellow flowers for the bridesmaid bouquets. But I have my doubts about the yellow so for now flowers will be a mix of white, lavender, and blue.

Here's my latest wedding color palette:

Does brown clash with all the other colors? What colors should my bridesmaids' bouquets be if their dresses are lavender?

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