Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Dress B

Contrary to what you might think, this post is not about my dress (which will be secret for now!). I'm happy to announce that I will be buying Dress B (the one in which I had my "this is it!" moment) for all my girls. Dress B was by far the favorite for 2 of the bridesmaids and would have also been the favorite for the 3rd bridesmaid had it not been for the "troublesome" corset back. I think "trouble" is a small price to pay for beauty though! It turns out that Sophi Tolli used to work for Maggie Sottero (the maker of my dress), which makes sense now because they both specialize in corset backs. Too bad my 4th bridesmaid lives all the way in Hong Kong and won't be able to try it on. I even checked the Sophia Tolli site to see if they have stores there but no luck. But we already have plenty of data points to go by and I'm sure she'll look fabulous in it as well.

Here is the official website and picture of this dress:

Sophia Tolli BY2991T

My MOH (ironically also the tallest) pointed out that we should definitely shorten the lengths because otherwise it makes you look shorter. I'm thinking middle of knee cap (like official picture above) might be the best look. Still plenty of time to decide though.

For color, I am picking lavender. Here's another dress by Sophia Tolli just to see the lavender color:

I think we're going to just keep the neckline as is with the small scoop. Others have successfully convinced me that having a slight contrast from my dress (which has a sweetheart neckline) is not a bad idea.

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