Sunday, November 1, 2009

silverbuggy & kyzen: Part 2

I spent the summer of 2002 in Beijing. kyzen8 all but im'd me twice that summer. The conversations were short so I don't remember the content. But I do remember he mentioned visiting Boston in September. I'm not a shy person. Heck, I invited that guy #1 to karaoke after barely meeting him online. So, I gave kyzen8 my cell # and told him to call me up when he's in town. I was curious about this nerdy doctor from the south anyway.

September came and left. No sign of kyzen8. And then he im'd me saying sorry, he was too busy to give me a call. I got played! Girls always like hard to get, so I must admit that raised my interests a bit. A few weeks later, he said he was visiting Boston yet again. This time, I played it cool but still was hoping he would call. And again, he DID NOT. But he had the nerve to mention that he visited MIT! Now was the perfect opportunity to resolve the "no profile pic" situation. I told him, heck, even if I passed him on the streets I wouldn't have recognized him!

So, he sent me a picture of himself standing on the steps of the MIT Museum.

Wow. I was grounded. Here was this sort of dorky looking person, but someone who looks conservative, good, a true family man. A picture really can speak a thousand words. I was definitely interested. From that fine day on November onward, I started chatting with kyzen8 on AIM pretty much everyday, a couple hours a day. He became my online confidant, this fantasy person who I was sort of interested in in a virtual way.

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