Thursday, November 5, 2009

The proposal story backwards

kyzen8 started creating our wedding website which is currently just a picture of the eiffel tower with the words "it started with a promise..." at the bottom and some piano tunes of our favorite songs playing in the background. He spent a lot of time making sure the picture resizes automatically if you change the window size! When I sent the link out, my cousin commented that the website captivated him like a korean drama. What promise, he asked? I thought kyzen8 made up some cheesy words as filler space. But when I asked kyzen8 about it last night, it turns out there is a deeper meaning...

Let me backtrack to the beginning of 2009. As I told you guys already, the proposal was not expected to be a surprise. I did however tell kyzen8 to keep the destination of our March trip a surprise. Of all places, he chose Paris! :) We had the loose diamond but no setting because I couldn't make up my mind. His parents advised him against bringing a loose diamond into Paris for various reasons.

On the night of March 19 (technically March 20), we were riding bikes in the park right in front of the Eiffel tower when we noticed a patch of grass with 2 ducks wandering around. Ducks have a special meaning in our relationship because we fed them bread on my first trip to Atlanta. And seeing a pair is like seeing the 2 of us. So he suggested stopping to check out the ducks and admire the eiffel tower. We saw the light show that happens every night at 1am. And then immediately afterwards, he started talking about how many different countries we've traveled to together. Smelling something fishy, I exclaimed "Are you going to p now??" (<-- way to ruin the moment!). He said "maybe" with a smile, got down on one knee, and proposed to me with--surprise!--a heart ring from Tiffany's. :)

I was thinking to myself, "How come there's a hole in the heart?" But he quickly explained, "The hole signifies we need to travel more, learn more, and love more." Sigh, I'm sad he didn't replace one of those with "eat more."

And alas, I found out last night that he calls this the promise ring. We had a slight disagreement because I thought promise ring was what a boyfriend gave a girlfriend if he wasn't ready to propose yet but wanted her to know he would in the future. So then wouldn't it mean he didn't actually propose to me in Paris? (Just like he didn't actually ask me to be his girlfriend on 3/16/03?). Now I'm left wondering whether that was the day we actually got engaged! I think so though because he did ask "Will you marry me?" to which I shyly squeeled "yes" with a slight intonation at the end, almost as if asking a question. Oh by the way, we also disagree about whether the man who witnessed our proposal from a bench in the park was homeless or not.

What does a promise ring mean to you?

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