Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Hush *mush* dilemma

(Title change -- I gave kyzen8 strict instructions not to read my blog though I send him links to individual posts sometimes. Don't want "Mushroom" to show up in the list of titles on the bottom!)

My kyzen8 is really cute sometimes. How many other guys out there would request 1-up mushroom cupcakes for a wedding cake? I had my heart set on another wedding cake (to be discussed later), but decided to surprise him with a 1up grooms cake! Prior to getting engaged, I had never even heard of a grooms cake. I actually think it's a silly idea to have a whole separate cake that takes attention away from the main wedding cake. But kyzen8 deserves to have something he can call his own!

So I discussed our options with Misty at Briarmist Cakes. She can do a 1-up mushroom cake that roughly has the following dimensions:
Base diameter: 7-8"
Mushroom cap diameter: 11-12"
Height: 9-10"

The grooms cake will sit atop a baby grand piano that is next to our sweetheart table (the wedding cake will be on a separate table flanking the other side). The dilemma is I think a singular 1up mushroom will look dinky on the ~5 foot wide piano top. So then I thought maybe I can pair it up with a red super mushroom for a boy-and-girl look, or have a bunch of mini super mushrooms surrounding it. They're both so cute that I'm having a hard time deciding!

Super mushroom (girl) and 1-up mushroom (boy):

1-up mushroom flanked by mini super mushrooms:

Which do you like better?

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  1. How did you like Briarmist cakes? Are her cakes from scratch or did it taste boxed? How about her fillings? Thank you!