Thursday, November 5, 2009

My dream wedding

The benefit of getting married late is having lots of experience under my belt. From college onwards, I've been to 17 weddings in all, was a bridesmaid in 3 and MOH in 2. The pitfall of this much experience though is you can feel jaded when it is your turn. Some weddings were definitely more fun and memorable than others, but in the end, they all had the same elements. To tell you the truth, mine may for the most part fall into the same bucket as all the other weddings. But in order for this planning experience to be fun for me, I desperately wanted something different, something more me.

And so was born this drawing of my perfect wedding ceremony:

I showed it to my close friends and family and they had a good laugh. I really was determined to have a body of water, floating planks for the guests to sit on either side, and for my dad to row me down the aisle in a canoe like this:

I searched literally every single venue in and near bay area and los angeles. Every venue that listed a lake or pond was contacted by phone or email to ask if they had a body of water in which I could have my dream ceremony. I started researching what would be feasible for the planks. I discovered the world of "floating docks" which are used to anchor boats and often times appear in movies:

There were a couple promising companies that quoted me on the order of $5000+ just to rent these babies. I went into talks with a couple venues regarding where the truck could load off these dock pieces. Each single piece is SOOO heavy that the weight of the truck might crush the pathway. But the truck has to be able to drive up right next to the water or else it's just too much lifting work for the guys. The water needs to be the right depth and have the right flooring to be able to anchor the docks. These docks can't be lopsided when guests walk around. We need to be able to place rows of chairs without the legs getting caught. The main issue was liability--whose responsibility would it be if a guest slips and falls into the water?

What is your dream wedding like?

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