Thursday, November 19, 2009

Eiffel-inspired invitation cover

I feel like a little girl in Disneyland. It's so exciting to be buying and expecting packages for my DIY invitation project. So far, I have a rotary trimmer, cutting/perforating/scoring blades, a stack of trial paper, and an unopened printer that just arrived today.

Unfortunately, I discovered that the #105 metallic cardstock was too thick as a standalone for my complicated pocketfold; the edges were peeling along the folds. Fortunately, I found that the #29 white translucent vellum paper works well as a pocketfold overlayed on metallic lavender card stock (any peeling would be hidden behind vellum). Oh how I love paper and even moreso their customer service (prompt, helpful emails)!

My brain started churning. At first I wanted to print a picture of a purple daisy with yellow center (like the invitation I was previously inspired by).

But it seemed a bit lonesome on its own, yet a bit random to incorporate with text. The latest thought is to buy a big eiffel tower rubber stamp and overlay (or underlay) it with a poem. Here's a rough draft that I just came up with telling our proposal story:

It all started with a promise
In the eiffel park of paris
On bicycles, the two of us
A homeless man, a pair of ducks
Tower lit up for all to see
And kyzen got down on one knee
Took out a heart ring, words galore
"Love more, learn more, and travel more"
That's what it means, the hole in heart
Strengthens our bond, never apart
Please join us, the tenth of july
Witness our vows under the sky

Now imagine it overlayed on top of this:

Though more realistically, it will be a stamp like this (because the #105 cardstock is advertised as not compatible with home printers):

Do you have suggestions for what color ink, what color stamp, and what to print on the white (slightly gray) vellum top, vellum back, or metallic lavender card stock top?

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