Friday, November 6, 2009

Balancing heights with shoes

Is it borderline or outright bridezilla behavior to want everyone in my bridal party to be a similar height? The dilemma is I'm 5'1", my MOH is 5'5", and the remaining 3 bridesmaids are 5'2", 5'2.25", and 5'2.5". Well, I don't need everyone to be the *exact* same height, but for pretty pictures I'd like us to at least be similar, say +/- 2 inches.

Since MOH is so much taller than the 3 other bridesmaids and myself, I wanted her to wear flats. But I didn't want her to feel too left out from the crowd. So began my internet search for the perfect bridesmaids shoes.

I tried googling "bridesmaids heels different heights" and variations of that search. Turns out some companies make very similar shoes in different heights, but I had to play my own game of memory by scouring hundreds of images in different heel categories and then playing matchup. There were a few friendlier shoe sites that recommended similar shoes that sometimes matched my needs. Finally, I found 2 pairs that might work:

This one here is a 5/8" heel height. But because Colorful Creations measures their heel height differently, in reality it will increase the girl's height by about 1".

And this one here is the corresponding shoe with 2 1/4" heels (in reality, more like 2.5"):

I am still not 100% satisfied especially with the flat version of the shoe, but there really isn't that much variety for flats unless I want to venture into flip flops or ballet shoes. With these shoes, my MOH would be 5'6" and the other girls would be 5'4.5", 5'4.75", and 5'5". I would probably wear around 3-3.5" heels, putting me between 5'4" and 5'4.5". This meets my +/- 2 inches criteria.

My shoe dilemma brought to mind an interesting revenue idea. Could this be an opportunity to create a specialized bridesmaids shoe company that has various styles with customizable heel heights? Then bridesmaids could potentially end up being the *exact* same height (if they weren't more than 4" difference to begin with!). Would there be enough demand?

Side Note: If I do end up going with these dyable shoes, I'll probably have them custom dyed to match the bridesmaid dresses. But haven't decided for sure yet.

What were your criteria for bridesmaid shoes?

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