Monday, November 2, 2009

Proposal "ruined"

I'm really good at surprising people but not the other way around. I micromanage. A lot. And I'm impatient. You're probably wondering why kyzen8 would choose to be with someone like me?! (Go ask him!) All of these qualities added up meant that there was no chance in hell kyzen8 would be able to surprise me with a proposal. And this blog is not going to tell you otherwise. In fact, one of our very first fights was a few months into the relationship when I started talking about marriage and he was like, "we've only been together for a few months!" No girl wants to hear that. So I think it ended up with me (the crazy girl) sobbing, thinking her boyfriend didn't love her. He managed to weasel out of that one and many more to come.

Occasionally during the next few years, I would ask him when he was planning to P (short for propose). Let's cut kyzen8 some slack though. He was still in med school. In fact, he still is finishing up his last year of residency. It's a loooong process. He wanted to start making good money before getting married, so he could support the family financially. Makes sense but hello--tick tock tick tock--my clock was running out of time. So I gave him an ultimatum. But that deadline came and passed, and I pretty much knew he wasn't ready.

But then came another ultimatum, this time much stronger. I told him I *needed* to be married before 30, because those babies need to start popping out soon after. This time he took me seriously. We had another big fight that resulted in a cold war of not speaking to each other for almost a day. His way of "apologizing" was sending me an email with his vacation requests for the year. Since he only gets 2 vacations a year, and his requested top choice happened to span our anniversary weekend, I guess it was obvious what that meant.

March 2009 it is!

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