Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Am I not makeupable?

I don't get it. I don't think I'm ugly. I go about my daily business with no makeup (too lazy!) and I think I look fine. I'm a "go natural" girl, and with the right camera angle and lighting, I can even look cute sometimes. On the rare occasion when I do apply my own makeup, I usually look better than without.

So why is it that it took me 6.5 makeup trials (the 0.5 was a repeat to give one of them a second chance) to finally decide on a MUA? More importantly, why did I come out of a bunch of those trials feeling ugly and bloated and generally like a colorful clown? Granted, I am pickier than most about a lot of things. But makeup is one thing I thought I'd be low key about. After all, I was just going for a natural look. Is it really that hard to apply less makeup? Or maybe it's because after accepting ~$100 from a customer (for just a trial, mind you), the MUA somehow feels like she owes it to the bride to use lots of product (i.e. cake on the makeup)? I know I know, they say that for a wedding, you need more makeup than normal so that it shows up in photographs. I had one MUA tell me that I would look too pale and lifeless without a lot of blush (i.e. rosy pink cheeks). Does that mean I should go delete all the gazillions of pictures of me without ANY makeup on? Can't there be some sort of compromise between natural and just enough makeup for the camera?

At one point, I considered that maybe I'm just not makeupable. Some girls are naturally pretty or have nice features and look hot no matter what MUA you put them through. Other girls may have features that are harder to work with. And maybe I belong in that group. I started wondering which of my features were problematic for the makeup realm. Maybe it's my Asian single eyelids. They're big, but they don't have that natural fold that some lucky folks have. Or it's my hard to curl downward-pointing eyelashes. A couple trials, my eyelashes separated from the fake ones making my side profile look really funny. Or is it my pale skin? I had a couple trials where my face just looked too yellow or cakey or dark. In one trial, I looked so bloated I felt like I had gained 10 pounds. Who knows, maybe I had too much water to drink the night before.

Well the good news is, I finally found a MUA that was able to achieve my natural look. At the end of the trial, I still looked like myself--but just a prettier version. But, I still haven't figured out why it's been such a bumpy road for me, and I'm super anxious how the wedding day makeup will turn out!

I ended up picking Fu-Yi from Beauty Creator. Ignore the hair, as I probably won't be going with this style. Here a picture of how the trial turned out:

And I leave you with some pictures of my makeup trial diasters:

Bloated, cakey, and yellow

Too heavy on the eyes

One eye was darker than the other eye (I think this is after she already tried to fix it)

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