Friday, March 19, 2010

Invitation preview - eiffel

As mentioned before, Yian proposed to me in the Eiffel park of Paris so we tried to work that into our invitation with a poem about his proposal. Imagine the following poem in a top to bottom gradient of purple to blue text centered on a semi-transparent vellum overlay:

It all started with a promise
In the Eiffel park of Paris
On bicycles, the two of us
A man on bench, a pair of ducks
Tower lit up for all to see
Then Yian Chuin got down on one knee
Took out a heart ring, words galore
"Love more, learn more, and travel more"
That's what it means, the hole in heart
Strengthens our bond, never apart
Please join us, the tenth of July
Witness our vows under the sky

Right below the poem a little to the right is a picture of this Tiffany heart ring which my fiance proposed with:

The vellum above is overlayed on top of the following lavender cardstock that has an embossed Eiffel tower:

I had ordered a custom eiffel tower rubber stamp from (they are awesome!). I used my Bidex Rotary Trimmer to score the 8.5"x11" lavender cardstock and fold it in half. I then used versamark slow-drying ink and stamped on the center of the right half. Then I poured the embossing powder (which was a mix of whites and silver) all over the image and tapped the excess back into the tray. Final step is to go over the entire image with the embossing heat tool to melt the powder and make it rise. The ink actually takes a long time to dry, so to speed things up I stamped 10 cardstocks at a time and then heat embossed them back to back.

In a future post (as I am visiting Yian in LA this weekend), I'll share with you the vellum pocketfold in conjunction with this cardstock!

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