Thursday, March 18, 2010

Invitation preview - Sticker labels

Here's a sneak peak at our personalized wedding invitations...well more like, just a sneak preview of the sticker that goes on the outside. :) First impressions count!

I stamped scrap vellum paper with either our "Handmade" or "Handmade because you're worth it!" stamps using versa mark slow-drying ink. Then I poured embossing powder, heat embossed, ran them through a Xyron 2.5" sticker machine, cut them out, and voila! Maybe not as fancy as our alternative faux wax seals, but hey, this simple sticker tells guests that our invitations are handmade! And, another hidden benefit is it saves me 20 cents per invitation at the post office because these stickers are flat (as opposed to faux wax seals).

In another post, I'll show you the faux wax seals that I made with thick embossing powder. Those were a pain to make. Each required 3 layers of embossing powder and then I had to deal with issues like a) the hot goo sticking to the stamper, b) the seals curling when cooled, c) the seals cracking when bent, the d) the sticker adhesive not binding as strongly. Mostly because of the time constraint, only the first 30 or so invitations got those seals. The rest have so far been getting these babies instead. So simple yet...still nice in my opinion!

My 2 favorite colors so far have been the black and the shimmery blue/purple/silver in the top right corner. I think the remaining invitations will get one of these 2 colors!

If you could stamp any saying or logo on the outside, what would it be?

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